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Does BWRT work?

What we can say is that BWRT has good previous results and may have helped to resolve many similar issues for other people and so there is a strong likelihood that it can also help with your issues.

There is no therapy that can be said to work in every case, so there can be no guarantee that BWRT will work for you. After all, you are a unique individual and your responses and experiences are specific to you.


How many sessions will I need?

You may have heard that BWRT can resolve a long standing issue in a single session. It is certainly possible that certain issues can be completely resolved within 1-2 sessions. Other more complex problems may require in the region of 4-5 sessions. An average could be said to be 2-3 sessions. Compared to most other therapies, these are rapid results.


What can BWRT be used to treat?

Some of the uses of BWRT are for fears, phobias, anxiety, OCD, performance enhancement (for interviews, tests, public speaking, sports), procrastination, building future success, fear of failure, self worth/self confidence, depression, binge eating, binge drinking, smoking and addictions.


What is BWRT Level 1?

The majority of psychological issues listed above can be treated with the set of interventions known as BWRT Level 1.


What is BWRT Level 2?

Some problems can seem as though they are so much a part of us that we find it hard to imagine being free from them. These might be particularly difficult to overcome. An example might be an addiction. This type of issue is treated with a course of 4 to 5 BWRT sessions, which is known as BWRT Level 2. It is also recommended to have regular ‘maintenance’ sessions going forward.


What is BWRT Level 3?

Level 3 is used to treat the psychological issues associated with physical illnesses.


What happens in a BWRT session?

The first session will involve quite a lot of questioning to find out more about you and your particular issues. There will also be some detailed explanation about BWRT and how it works.

BWRT is a talking therapy and there is no physical contact involved. It is a psychotherapy method, carried out in a full ‘awake state’ and there is no hypnosis or ‘trance’ involved. You will simply be asked to imagine or visualise something happening, with you feeling exactly the way you would prefer to feel. After a BWRT session you should feel quite normal, with no after effects.


How is BWRT different from other therapies?

BWRT is unlike any other therapy that you may have experienced or heard of. It uses your own thoughts and feelings to solve your problem so does not involve any form of ‘suggestion’ from the therapist. BWRT is ‘content free’ meaning that you don’t need to share with the therapist your innermost thoughts, private information or things you’d prefer to keep secret. It is carried out in a completely ‘awake state’ and does not make use of hypnosis, trance states, tapping, physical contact or energy meridians. So there is nothing else quite like it.