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BWRT Weight Coaching

BWRT Weight Coaching is a flexible coaching model suitable for all personalities.

It combines the power of BWRT with Warriors/Settlers/Nomads personality profiling and the unique SymbioDynamics goal achievement system.

Based on the BWRT Transformational Coaching programme, it includes a thorough analysis of your emotional drivers towards eating for a quick resolution of your weight issues.

What is Weight Coaching?

The essence of coaching is identifying and clarifying your hopes, dreams, goals and motivations.

Weight Coaching is a framework that enables you to explore all elements of your weight management experience to formulate a plan for your success.

Coaching is a collaboration – your coach will make suggestions and help you to create a plan, put it into action and stick to it.

Who can benefit from BWRT Weight Coaching?

Perhaps you recognise yourself here…

  • You know you want to put more effort into managing your weight, but you never seem to get started.
  • Or you’re not completely sure how to go about it.
  • Or perhaps you start but your efforts seem to fade away very quickly and you resort to your old eating habits.
  • You may have pondered the problem long enough to be acutely aware of the difficulties you have.
  • Or you may have attempted to reach your goal but with no success or only limited success.

How can Weight Coaching help?

The coaching sessions can help to clarify your goals, and to understand your eating patterns and emotional drivers.

Using BWRT you’ll be able to change your response to certain situations which may have led to overeating in the past.

This approach can help with food cravings, over-eating, binge eating, large portion sizes, body image issues, unhealthy food choices, low energy, exercise and motivation.

You will be empowered to create a plan, to put it into action and to modify and adapt as necessary with as much support as needed from your coach.

What’s different about BWRT Weight Coaching?

This method uses personality profiling to analyse how you individually can best tackle the weight management issues

Are you always hungry when you eat? If the answer is No then you may be eating for another reason such as boredom or unhappiness, comfort or habit.

This is a unique approach to weight loss coaching because it looks at the emotional drivers that lead to overeating, empowering you to gain control over your eating habits. We use BWRT to change your response to the unwanted triggers that arise, such as the urge to overeat.

The Weight Coaching process will

  • Look in detail at your goals and motivation
  • Include a comprehensive personality assessment
  • Identify the part of your personality that holds the weight problems
  • Harness your strengths and resources that can help to solve the problem
  • Seek to resolve any emotions, restrictions, conflicts or negativity that trigger overeating
  • Build up your motivation
  • Assess what resources are needed to achieve the goal, so identifying what you need to change or adapt to achieve success
  • Support you to create your own individual weight management plan with the best chance of success
  • Ongoing monitoring and support as you put your plan into action

The Coaching programme can be delivered in a number of ways

  • A ‘Lite’ version to clarify your goals and wishes, outlining your plan and building your motivation
  • An intermediate version to include the Personality Assessment and Creation of the Weight Management plan – you will then be able to follow the plan yourself with further support from your coach as and when needed
  • The full version which would include all of the above plus ongoing support and monitoring until you reach your target.

Coaching sessions can be delivered as standard one hour therapy sessions. Because there is a lot to uncover in the early stages, it tends to work better in the form of at least 2 x 2 hr sessions, followed by one hour sessions. It can also be done as a longer session e.g. half day. BWRT works just as well online as in person.