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Get Fit With BWRT NET

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BWRT NET (Neurophysical Enhancement Training) is showing impressive results with people who want to increase their physical fitness.


“A remarkable study at Ohio University showed that you can build muscle just by using your imagination. For 10 minutes a day, half the group sat still with their hand encased in a cast while imagining performing exercises . When the casts were removed, all had lost muscle strength in their wrists. But those who had performed imaginary exercises lost 50 per cent less than the control group. The results suggest that mental workouts strengthen pathways in the brain that control muscle movements. This translates into greater command over the target muscles, increasing their strength.”


BWRT NET – Neurophysical Enhancement Training – is a programme that uses psychology to enhance your physical performance and endurance.

  • It shows the amazing effectiveness of the BWRT® concept applied to physical strength and fitness, helping you to find better psychological and physical health.

Who is it for?

  • Maybe you want to start regular exercise, but have never exercised before?
  • Do you lack the desire or the time for regular exercising but still want to stay as healthy as possible?
  • Perhaps you have been injured and are unable to complete a full physical workout but still want to maintain your levels of fitness?
  • Or you may have found that aging has caused a decline in your performance level.

The BWRT NET programme will teach you a simple mental workout that you can use alongside and in place of your physical exercises. It helps you to build and enhance your physical health, performance and endurance using the proven power of BWRT® .

Listen to Dr Michael Mosley describing this phenomenon on BBC Radio 4.